Timokids Social

Timokids partners with companies, NGOs and government entities to distribute educational and social campaigns or promotional activities to facilitate access to relevant content for children that are aligned with the partner's goal.

With your help we can bring Timokids educational content to more children! Know our formats:

Stories and Sponsored Games

We can use our methodology to create content from stories and childrens games, developed with specialists, that address issues important to children’s growth and that are related to the partner’s interests.

Events and Activities in Sponsored Schools

We prepare events and activities to guarantee the best results of the developed material.

Promotional Coupon

Offer free access to the Timokids educational stories.

The coupons can be printed, sent by email, or given out on social media.

If you have a promotional coupon, click on the button to the side.

White Label

A 100% customizable Timokids for your business.

Use Timokids technology with the your business’ color and information.

Book Publishing

Choose any story and we’ll publish it for you.

Perform promotional campaigns or social activities in your community with your business.

Why invest in children’s content?
  • - Psychological and Social development education is everyone’s concern.
  • - When you educate a child, you impact three generations: the student, the parents, and eventually the student’s children.
  • - By preparing and guiding a child you will help her become ready for the future, avoiding problems that can affect her whole family and the community.
  • - Brands and companies always benefit when the public views them as being involved and collaborating with positive social impact.