Timokids Games, offers games that encourage creativity and support the development of children.

+20 games fun games for children

Our vibrant games come in an entertaining App to develop skills with benefits to children such as:

Motor Skill Coordination

Timokids games improve coordination, development, and the capacity to move quickly and delicately, while at the same time improving hand-eye coordination, since the player receives stimuli visually and responds manually to the application.


Timokids Games have games that train the brain to think quickly and deal with problems in the moment, leading to the capacity to make quick decisions in all parts of life. The games are also a great training for vision and motor reflexes while still being interesting, fun, and creative.


It is necessary to have attentive eyes to follow everything that happens on the screen with Timokids Games. Our game are excellent stimuli to boost vision skills and will also train the brain to pay attention to different events at the same time.

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