Timokids is an application for Smartphones and Tablets that brings children and families stories and socio-educational games, illustrated in 3D, narrated and subtitled in several languages.

+ DE 50 Stories help parents talk to their children about issues that are essential to their growth, such as bullying, socializing, prejudice, health, and many others.

Timokids is an app for children that uses technology in a positive and healthy way in families.

Our vertical development themes are:

Timolico Crew’s Stories
Travellers Crew’s Stories

Timokids received an international seal of approval from the KidSAFE program, which is a certification service that approves projects exclusively designed for children.

Timokids is also very concerned with the quality of our content. Everything that passes on our platforms is scrutinized by a pedagogical and psychological curator thereby ensuring that 100% of our content is safe and healthy for children.

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