What we do
We offer learning and content solutions relevant to the education of children, in a safe and positive manner and in a format that allows them to be impacted inside or outside the home or school. With this we help families, teachers, and organizations and stimulate the development of children with the goal of raising responsible adults.
Timokids is a socio-educational content factory, which may be assigned on several media formats.
We have created a way to approach children in a children’s world. It’s fun and interactive and our concern is to teach, guide, and educate using socio-educative technology as an ally in the education of children.
Warning and Guidance
Our goal is to address the relevant themes that serve to inform and guide children in their day-to-day lives.
Technology in Education
Our technological platform has the potential to promote equity and quality of education, while also bringing parents and school closer to children’s lives.
Our technology ensures there are no external links or purchasing options for children within the application.
Social Impact
We worry about the emotional health of children as well so through our methodology we focus on childhood problems that can last throughout one’s life, thereby transforming the behavior of society one child at a time.
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Promote the learning process and prepare children to face the challenges of life.
We create global social changes for children and family through an evidence based teaching methodology for life.
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